Tuesday, September 06, 2011

those grey days

We’re still in the midst of “dry season”, which really means “time-when-it-is-grey-and-misty-but-may-or-may-not-rain”. This makes getting laundry dry on our clothesline a little frustrating. On particularly unpromising looking days I have taken to hanging most of the clothes up on hangers BEFORE I hang them up on the clothesline. It feels like a little more work (especially for Thad’s clothes, which end up in a drawer, not on hangers), but makes taking them OFF the clothesline a bit more speedy if it does actually start to rain…and quick to put back out again when the rain stops!

Thad's clothes-mostly on hangers-on the clothesline

Reading with Daddy

Thad has been getting a lot more snuggly lately with us and his stuffed animals and is even becoming willing to sit still for short periods of time. We’re enjoying this new side of him!

Thad snuggling ON his teddy bear

On Sunday as Jamie was sitting on the couch reading, Thad climbed up beside him. But instead of climbing all over Jamie or trying to take away his book, when Thad was offered a book to look at, he sat quietly next to his Daddy looking at his own book…even seemed to be reading it aloud—though it was a picture book where we just usually talk about the pictures that are on the different pages! He sat happily there for at least 10 minutes! So cute!

Thad reading with Daddy