Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Having grown up on a dairy farm where he drank fresh milk, Jamie’s got pretty high standards for milk. Unfortunately, here at Ukarumpa our milk options are limited.

Option #1: from the cow to your door—while that is what Jamie grew up on, with the high rates of TB in country, and our understanding that TB can be transmitted through the cow’s milk, we haven’t gone this route.

Option #2: the store—here’s a picture of the “milk section” in our store…notice that no refrigeration is required!

We have “boxed milk”, which is UHT (ultra high temp pasteurized), so that it doesn’t have to be refrigerated until it is opened. We also have powdered milk, which, of course, doesn’t need to be kept cold until it is mixed. Neither Jamie nor I are really excited about drinking a glass of either boxed or powdered milk. We basically use it to moisten our morning cereal or put it in smoothies. Unfortunately Thad seems to have our same tastes, and doesn’t get excited about drinking these either. Happily, though, he is glad to eat yogurt, which we make from the same powdered milk, so he does get his milk somehow.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

winter...well, sort of

So, being in the southern hemisphere, we are currently in the midst of our cooler months. Being close to the equator, we don’t get snow and sub-zero temperatures, but I sure have been feeling cold lately! I guess when you have only a few degrees of temperature change, your body feels each number.

I was laughing on Sunday, because I was so cold I put on my knitted hat to help keep me warm, and the temperature was just in the low 60s.

Here are Thad and I in our cozy hats knitted for us by my friend Melany!

Thad is starting to be a bit more mobile in his bed at night, crawling out from under the covers, and rolling about. Since Jamie & I have about 6 blankets on our bed, I worry that he will get cold in the night if he climbs out from under his blankets—so we found a solution. We pulled out the polar fleece “suit” and have been putting him in that, along with his pajamas at night. We figure that’s got to be worth a few blankets (and so we’ve lessened the number of blankets we put on top of him)! He is so cute all bundled up in his “blue suit” – that’s got to be one of the best parts of being cold, seeing babies all bundled up.

All bundled up