Saturday, January 12, 2013

Playing in the water

A hot December day! funny for all you in the northern hemisphere, huh? We pulled out a bucket and filled it with water. Thea got some bath toys in a basin of water. (It was close to noon, so I tried to keep them in the shade to avoid turning them bright red!)

Thad had fun scooping water out of the big bucket with the little bucket, and pouring it into Thea's basin for her.

I had fun squirting Thad using a cheap little foam thing

Thea playing with her toys

I turned around to talk to Jamie, and when I turned back, Thad was preparing to sit in Thea's basin. I guess he didn't feel wet enough!

We convinced him to try to fit in the big bucket instead--that turned out to be a pretty big hit!

'hmm this is a funny feeling' - he had so much fun sitting down in the water and then standing back up! we had to refill the bucket a number of times.

Thad had so much fun sitting in the bucket, I had trouble getting him to come inside later, even though he was really cold. It was a really warm day, but sitting in the shade in a bucket of cold water can be quite chilly!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Other photos from Thea's birthday

Thea's waffle on her #1 birthday

Thad before his waffle -- look at that face! This boy is quite the little actor!!

How much waffle can fit into one 2-year-old's mouth? More than you'd think!

Thea LOVES to sit on Daddy & Mommy's bed!

Monday, January 07, 2013

practicing blowing!

All week, Thea's been practicing week for the big day! When the time came she didn't do it, but she tried again after we removed the candle.

(For those of you who get this delivered to your email inbox, I think that you have to visit the blog to view the video clip.)

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Thea's 1st Birthday

Our little girl turned one last week, and we celebrated with some of her favorite food: spaghetti and cooked broccoli.

Thea LOVES cooked broccoli!

She will almost always open wide for broccoli!

So we made her a 'broccoli cake'

She thought it was pretty cool with the candle on top!

Looking at a birthday card

Ready to open presents!

Friday, January 04, 2013

flying to Huon

Jamie and another pilot went on a flight to the Huon peninsula a month or so ago. Here are some photos from their trip:

Jamie, the pilot

on the way to the first airstrip

At a stop...

at the airstrip

A distant waterfall

The village off to the side, behind the fenceline


looking up the airstrip

At another airstrip...

a crowd usually gathers to see what's going on

looking down the airstrip from the plane...
...and up towards the plane

a pretty view

someone's garden

 On the way to third airstrip...


Flying through a gap in the hills, under the clouds to get to another airstrip

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Photo Shoot

the always exciting photo shoot...
apparently my suggestion of an arm around Thea's shoulder was a bad idea!

Thea had a hard time recovering from the neck hold--I tried bribing her with raisins,
but still couldn't get a smile

'Mommy! he's touching me!'

Putting mommy in the middle, and having that nice flashing light of  the camera timer worked a lot better!