Monday, December 31, 2012

one Saturday morning...

At our house, one Saturday morning...

I like Thea's expression looking at Thad

Oranges! what?? you have to take the peel off first?

Our smiley girl

Thad looking at the 'Best Word Book Ever'


Friday, December 21, 2012


One of my favourite flowers are frangipani. They smell so nice, and look pretty too! We have 4-5 small trees in our yard, but I think that they would do better in a bit warmer climate (they are really happy in the coastal areas). Usually the tree are just a bunch of branches with a stray leaf here or there, but recently we had one of our trees bloom with a few flowers, and I am enjoying them!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We’ve borrowed a swing that Thad and Thea both LOVE! It hangs on our back porch, and Thea has been enjoying a swing every afternoon while I take the clothes off the clothesline.


Monday, December 17, 2012

helping in the kitchen

Mostly I dread having Thad help me in the kitchen, though he is always ready to help. He just gets so excited and his motions are so quick and jerky that things end up in unintended places (well, that pretty much describes everything he does, not only the things in the kitchen!) But I decided to be brave, and have him help me in a task that didn’t require a lot of precision. We had bought a large bag of flour, and stored half of the bag in the freezer, as it didn’t all fit in our plastic flour container. So I had Thad help me by scooping flour out of the bag and into the container. Most of it ended up in the container, and he had a lot of fun ‘helping’!


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Welcome back, Daddy!

A few weeks ago, Thad, Thea and I went out to aviation to watch Jamie come back from one of his flights on a Friday afternoon…
Waiting for the plane
Thea says, 'Hi!'

taxi-ing to a stop

Thea and Daddy

Jamie - the pilot

Thad gets to go with daddy and take a look at the plane

Thad & Jamie checking out the plane

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Is it in the genes?

So, my (Lisa's) dad was never very fond of country music. Said that it made his ears itch! And he successfully passed those itchy ears on to me also. I would generally place country music near the bottom of my favourite music genres list.

Well, this morning as we were listening to some Christmas music, a version of Silent Night came on that had quite a country style to it. I myself was just deciding if I ought to remove it from my 'Christmas peppy' playlist as it didn’t really seem to fit, when I hear a small voice saying, "Mommy, no hear this song". I turned around and Thad was covering his ears!  A few songs earlier, when we were listening to 'Joy to the World' sung by the Ray Conniff Singers (one of Grandpa G's favorite versions of that song), he told me, "Mommy I like this song." Do you suppose enjoyment of music styles is in the genes?!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012


In early November we went to 'Carnival'. Carnival is a fun day put on every year for the community by the high school students at the international school here—games, food and fun and 1/2 the profit they give to a PNG charity.

Thad enjoyed playing in the bounce house,
trying Coke,

and going for his first horse ride!

Thea spent her time smiling.
I tried to convince Thad to try cotton candy, but he thought it was 'too funky'!
Thea found a new friend just about her size!

By far, Thad's favorite thing was the Ferris Wheel!!

The ferris wheel, which is really more of a square, is a four seated ride that is propelled by the arm muscles of the high school boys.

Thad recognized the ride right away (he has pictures of Ferris Wheels in a couple of books) and kept saying 'ferris wheel'. We weren't sure if he really wanted to ride, or just thought it looked like fun to watch. We decided to have him try it out with Jamie and just see what he thought. As you can see, he thought it was super fun, and was all smiles the whole time.