Saturday, June 28, 2014

happy 4th birthday Thad

Thad turned 4 this month. We had a small party, our family and a some friends, to celebrate!
Playing "pin-the-eyepatch-on-Kwazii"
Mommy and Thad with the cake
opening some presents
trying to "cast" a fishing pole fish into the rope "pool"
Zeke and his friend
going on a treasure hunt - "that way!"
"now there"
The treasure hunters and their find--popcorn and Tootsie pops to eat...
while watching "Octonauts"

Thad's arm

At the end of April, Thad fell out of a tree and broke his arm. Because of its placement, Thad, Zeke and I ended up on a medevac to Cairns, Australia so that it could be set properly by an orthopedic surgeon there.

strapped down (wearing a life vest) on the medevac flight

In the emergency room in the Cairns hospital, waiting to be seen by a doctor.
The new (plaster) cast and sling
As a nursing baby, Zeke got to come along with Thad and mommy and was a happy guy most of the time
Thad, and the crocodile friend we acquired in Cairns, now 5 weeks later waiting to have the cast removed at our own clinic.
The removal process is noisy and a bit dusty. The fiberglass top covering first...
Then the plaster underneath...
prying it all apart...
And the arm is free!