Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Day 3 of the 3-Day Hike

I realized today that I am getting used to BUGS. As I was walking along today, backpack on my back, hiking stick in hand, I realized that I felt the tickle of an ant inside my clothes. While at home I probably would have felt the need to stop, take off my backpack, and remove the offending bug, instead I just smashed it right where it was and kept on walking :)

COLD SHOWERS have never felt so good as they did after we returned from our last day of hiking!! We left in the morning about 8:30 and spent the next three hours climbing hills to reach, at last, POC on the top of our mountain. That last mountain was all about determination and the promise of a cold shower at the end, though I must admit that I was wondering if I would have enough energy to stand up in the shower. But we made it, got our cold showers, and had a light lunch and a nice loooong nap.

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