Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A silly story

Tuula asked me if I would be able to write a short sample story for the Literacy folks. She was teaching them a new learning game. This game is called, “Write an ‘?’ Story.” It involves a person creating a story where the first letter of most of the words is the same. I spent quite a while coming up with my little story, and in the end, I really liked it ~ so I thought it might bring a smile to your day as well.

A shiny snake named Sally slithered down the slippery sidewalk. She sang a silly song as she slithered along. Sunshine shone down on her slimy skin, and she sped up significantly to slide into the shade of the sweeping Sycamore tree. She spied a small sleeping skunk under some sticks. As Sally snuck softly through the sticks, sadly, she sneezed! The sleeping skunk sprang up, spotted Sally snake, and squirted her with its stinky spray. "Sorry," said the skunk. "You surprised me!." Sally, now significantly stronger smelling, smiled, shook her head and said, "shew." Then she shed her skin and slithered off into the sunset.

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seeZworld said...

heeheehee! Very clever, lady!