Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Is it in the genes?

So, my (Lisa's) dad was never very fond of country music. Said that it made his ears itch! And he successfully passed those itchy ears on to me also. I would generally place country music near the bottom of my favourite music genres list.

Well, this morning as we were listening to some Christmas music, a version of Silent Night came on that had quite a country style to it. I myself was just deciding if I ought to remove it from my 'Christmas peppy' playlist as it didn’t really seem to fit, when I hear a small voice saying, "Mommy, no hear this song". I turned around and Thad was covering his ears!  A few songs earlier, when we were listening to 'Joy to the World' sung by the Ray Conniff Singers (one of Grandpa G's favorite versions of that song), he told me, "Mommy I like this song." Do you suppose enjoyment of music styles is in the genes?!

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