Monday, September 16, 2013

highlights from June

 We arrived in Washington mid-June. The last week of June we joined my family at the Cannon Beach Conference Center for an awesome time! Really good speaker, people to watch the kiddos, fun with family, and yummy Tillamook ice cream from the Coach House--what could be better??!

haystack rock
Thea, exploring the beach with Grandma
Wading in the COLD Oregon Coast water in June!
Oooo! water! one of Thea's favorite things
wave jumping with the cousins
say cheese!
Thea loves to smile for the camera

On Thursday of the conference they usually have a little carnival for the kids. It was rainy outside, so it was moved inside to the gym. Thad and Thea had a fun time exploring the booths. Thea, once again, loved the bounce house--but my pictures all came out blurry! Thad got to try this blow up obstacle course thing. He had a really fun time going through it, even though he was a bit smaller than was ideal .
starting off on the obstacle course
through the hole
up the climbing part...a bit of help required for one so small!
wahoo! down the slide!
Thad was excited to try out fishing--you know the drill at these kind of things: throw your line over the cardboard wall, and the person behind attaches something to it. When Thad pulled out his "fish" he actually threw it back at first, being so surprised that it wasn't really a fish!

One of Thad's first fishing experiences...
Look--you caught something
This is a funny kind of fish!

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