Sunday, October 19, 2014

Zeke: 1-year-old photos

Hezekiah David Halverson turned one in September! It's hard to believe our baby is already 1!

Our friend Debbie took a bunch of photos to commemorate this milestone.

Zeke has been very steady at standing for months. This past week he has gotten more confident to try walking and will choose to attempt walking rather than crawling.
He is such a smiley, happy guy. I really think that he tries to tell jokes and do silly things to make others and himself smile. Last week he "said" something to Thea, and then got a big grin on his face like he had just told a funny joke!
Everything goes in this guy's mouth! On Friday he got hold of a stick and was biting all the bark off of it...but will he take bites from one of the graham crackers he got for his birthday? no!
Zeke loves being outside and is always watching for a door to be open that he can go out. He is very careful, but quite speedy at going down the single step at our front and back doors. He recognizes when mommy or daddy is putting on the Ergo baby carrier and comes crawling and begging as soon as he sees it being pulled out.

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