Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Today is a great day to let you all know that God over and abundantly answered all your prayers for my five weeks in village living!!

My teammate and I had an awesome time in our village, Banana Bush. The family who looked after us was wonderful, and every one else in the village for that matter! I'll plan to begin posting some stories and pcitures from that time over the next many memories and photos (550 photos!) that it's hard to know where to begin.

On Nov 13th I completed the Pacific Orientation Course (POC), and moved from living in Madang, a large city on the north coast of Papua New Guinea (PNG), to living on the SIL* center of Ukarumpa. I'm sharing a duplex with another gal who went through POC with me, and we're still trying to settle in a bit.

Today marks my first day of "work", as Thanksgiving is not a national holiday here in PNG. A few of us do have plans to get together for dinner and have our own celebration this evening though.

So, Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! And THANK YOU to God for how amazingly far He has brought me this year and the great care He has taken of me the whole way!!!

*SIL is a partner organization

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Nathan and Rachel Waldock said...

So glad it went well! We'll look forward to hearing about it all. Praying for you as you get settled in....