Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well, I haven’t been so good at keeping up with blogging lately. Mostly life has just seemed rather normal, and who wants to read a blog about normal? Going to the office for the day, working on my computer at some sort of work or other, coming home to hang out with friends for the evening or go to a meeting.

HOWEVER, a couple of Saturdays ago my housemate, and neighbor and I decided to throw ourselves a birthday party—as we all have September birthdays! My housemate is really creative in coming up with fun ideas of things to do—so we had a great time. We had a menu that listed six courses and six eating utensils, and our guests selected what order to eat the courses and what utensil they wanted to eat each with—the only tricky part was that we called the each of the dishes and eating utensils by a made up name on the menu.

So one person ended up eating their fettuccini alfredo with a straw, and another ate their chocolate cake with a cheese slicer. I ended up drinking my iced chai with an ice cream scoop, and my housemate ate her pasta with a clothes pin!

After lunch we played this really fun game named Quelf. It’s a board game with some questions and some acting/singing things (similar to Cranium), but sometimes it just has you do really random things. For example, one card said something like:

Stand up, go to the window and say, “It looks like rain.” Then go to another room, splash water on your face and don’t dry it off; return to the game and ask everyone how come they didn’t get wet!

I had one “rule” that said whenever someone passed my person on the game board I was supposed to “fall down, play dead, and say, ‘You thwarted us again, you vile beast!’”

Cards like kept us all laughing.


Heart For People to be Transformed by Christ said...

Welcome back to Alotau and Happy Birthday!!

Jeana said...

I've always wanted to throw a dinner party like that. Hooray for creative housemates! I'm glad you had a fun birthday. I was thinking about you on yours, too. Thanks for the sweet birthday email!