Sunday, July 01, 2012

trip to Kainantu - part 1

A month or so ago we made a trip into Kainantu, the town that is about a 15 minute drive away. We rarely make this trip, as we are able to get most of what we need right here on our center (food, medical care, fuel, etc.), however, both Jamie and I were needing to renew our driver’s licenses, so off we went.

Thad LOVES riding in the car

The grass grows quite tall on the sides of the road--usually the people who live near each section of the road cut it (using machetes) down every so often

These people must've been tired of people walking on their land, so they put up a woven bamboo fence

This lady has set up a little stand to sell to passers-by. She has some "2-minute noodles" (like Ramen noodles) and a few other small items for sale.

The bridge into town ~ we're looking forward to a new bridge, which we hear is being shipped to PNG.

Off to the right is the vegetable market, where you can also buy bags made from rice bags (that's what all the white things are hanging on the fence). 

Off to the left is where people sell live chickens.

There was a cholera epidemic a year or two ago, and along with that came some education about important ways to stay healthy: cook your oown food, don't eat food from roadside stands; don't let flies sit on your food; wash your hands; use toilets (don't go just anywhere); boil your water before you drink it.

This is the main road through town, and also part of the "Highlands Highway."

Here is the Singaut Christian Bookstore which sells not only Christian books and cards, but all sorts of other things, even fabric!

The town police station--and that white truck on the right is a police truck.

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