Friday, August 24, 2007

To give us an opportunity to practice our Tok Pisin and the opportunity to learn more about the culture, we are assigned a "wasfamili" during our orientation. These families have volunteered to spend 1 evening a week with us, sharing a meal and some life experiences. Last night we all were introduced to our wasfamilis. The staff cooked a yummy meal and we shared it with our wasfamili and talked with them a bit. I didn't talk much, as I'd only learned a tiny bit of Tok Pisin (I'd had 2 classes), but I am in a group with two other single gals who did a really good job of talking and asking questions. I was glad that I was able to follow along quite well with most of the conversations, I just couldn't produce much on my own. Our wasfamili is really nice. Our "waspapa" and "wasmama" have 6 "pikinini" (children). The two youngest are the same age as my nice and nephew, and they were interested to see their pictures. Next Thursday we will go to their house for dinner. They have said that they like to sing and that we will also maybe do some singing next week.

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