Monday, August 27, 2007

We had our first haus kuk (pronounced “house cook”) weekend this past weekend. The two other gals in my group (L & J) had already built the haus kuk. Rather on the idea of a tent, the poles or buns (pronounced “boons;” think: bones) are made of bamboo/tree branches tied together, with a tarp roof over it all. They also made a table with benches out of bamboo/small branches tied together. So, for the haus kuk weekend we didn’t get fed from the kitchen. We were responsible to prepare our own meals in our haus cook. We have a fire “pit” sort of thing, and a small primus stove. There was a bread baking class on Friday afternoon, and one of the gals in our group, L, took that. So we had the bread that she made to eat for the weekend. (L and J had also already bought some food stuff in town earlier in the week.) So we did bread with peanut butter/ butter & cinnamon & sugar, and fruit for breakfast (with coffee!). On Saturday, we just kinda munched around for lunch. Other folks had leftovers so we helped them get rid of those (out of the goodness of our hearts :); the gals next to us made pizza! Also, one of the staff came and cooked some bananas on our fire and shared them with us. For dinner we cooked rice and stir fry which turned out quite well. Sunday lunch we all ate in town at the regional office here in Madang, but for supper we cooked macaroni & cheese with tuna over our fire. J also made peanut butter cookies for dessert. The cookies were a bit tricky over the fire. We weren’t quite sure about the heat for them, but now we know that we need to wait for it to cool down a bit as they were done on the outside before the inside :)

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