Wednesday, September 05, 2007

ahhhhhh, rest. Yesterday we were treated to a day called "Tropical Delight"--a day of no class, only relaxing. In the morning we drove 1/2 hour to our director's cottage located on a lagoon. It is a small place, three small rooms and one front room which is a mix living/dining/deck-type space. The front room has half-walls and so is quite open to the ouside. Just a few steps down puts you out right on the small beach (which pretty much disappears at high tide). The lagoon is quite large and sheltered from the ocean by a few small islands and a coral reef. I was able to borrow goggles and a snorkle and go with a group out to the edge of the coral reef. This was really the first time I have been snorkling, and it was beautiful!! The coral was amazing...the different varieties of shapes, designs and colors! And there were some really pretty fish also. Growing up in the NW I've always thought that fish were rather ugly, but the fish along the coral reef are really quite cute.The staff really treated us, so we didn't have to help with lunch setup/cleanup. Many went out swimming again in the afternoon, but a bunch of us also played a game of Rook--I tied for first place! It was a great day off.

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seeZworld said...

Wow, lady! When we went snorkeling on our cruise (a million years ago) I was so creeped out at being down there with icky fish. They were pretty, though. I'm kinda surprised you didn't mind.