Saturday, September 08, 2007

This morning we walked over to our was famili's house to go with our was mama to market. When we first arrived she told us that she had asked her 12-year-old to climb a coconut tree to get us some kulau (young coconut). The kulau is filled with a juice that makes a very refreshing drink -- and it is safe to drink without being boiled! (unlike the water :) Kulau also has a fleshy part that is pretty good to eat. Our was brother showed us how they peel off the outer skin of the kulau with a sharp stick, exposing the hard shell part. Then our was mama showed us how to open the end of the kulau with a bush knife (a knife with a blade about 18 inches long that is a must have for every household) and we got to drink the juice right out of the shell. On our way to the market, we walked by the place that our was papa works. His is helping to put in a cell phone tower on top of our mountain. A few men have been working for two weeks digging 6 square holes by hand, mixing the cement, and filling in the holes to make a firm foundation for the 45 meter tower that will be erected later by other folks. The market was just down our road at a wide point in the shoulder. The local ladies gather to sell excess from their gardens. We were able to buy 2 kinds of bananas; Tulip greens--rather like a spinich leaf; bread fruit-like ping pong ball sized potatoes; red beans--like green beans, but 12 inches long; and kaukau--the local staple food, rather like a sweet potato.

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