Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sundays are special days here at POC. In the morning we are free to either attend the local church or to have a time of worship on our own. The local church is about a 10 minute walk up the mountain, and it is conducted mostly in Tok Pisin although a few of the songs are in the local language, Nobnob. A few of the songs are familiar English songs, translated into Tok Pisin: Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us and What a Friend We Have in Jesus. After church we come back and make lunch in our "haus kuk" (see entry from Aug 27). Then we quickly clean up lunch and prepare to leave for the afternoon. Every Sunday afternoon we go to a small "resort" called Jais Aben where we can get in for free. At Jais Aben there is some very nice swimming/snorkling and a smallish covered eating area. Many of us take the opportunity to buy an ice cream cone or a cold coke while we are there--yum! Most days, four or five of us will also play a game of Rook--a fun card game that I have learned since arriving in PNG. After relaxing for a couple of hours at Jais Aben, we come home to cook once more in our haus kuk. About 7:30 we all gather together for a short devotional time. This Sunday after devotions we all had an ice cream cone--with sprinkles or m&m's--in celebration of my birthday :)

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