Friday, September 07, 2007

Thursday night I, along with my haus kuk partners, L & J, stayed the night with our was famili. I was a bit nervous but it turned out to be a really nice time! We sat around outside and chatted for a while. When the sun started setting, we went inside and watched our was mama told us how she makes rice with coconut milk. Then our 12-year-old was brother showed us how to get the meat out of a coconut. They have a little stool with something like a large grapefruit spoon on the end. Then you just sit on the stool, and "scrape" the inside of the coconut with the spoon and catch the scrapings in a large bowl. We each took turns trying our hand at it...I could use a bit more practice! After dinner we had a fun time of singing songs in English and Tok Pisin. One of the girls is very good on guitar and brought it with her, and she is able to easily pick up new songs. So we were able to learn some new songs as well as sing some of our English songs for them. We strung up our mosquito nets in the sitting room and slept on the floor in our same clothes. In the morning we got to look at our family's pig with six little babies, and our was mama's sister had 3 and one other family closeby had a small bandycoot. After we had coffee and cookies for breakfast and headed home for a nice bucket shower.

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