Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bible Storying Workshop

Well, I’m back in Alotau to help out with the multi-language project. The first week we had a special workshop for the course. A gentleman from Australia came to teach us about Bible storying. Because there are so many cultures in the world where they are used to transferring information orally, sometimes the methods that are used in literate cultures don’t connect/resonate with people. For cultures like this, Bible storying—translating Bible stories into the language, and teaching them to people, and accompanying the stories with questions—is a great way to tell people the story of the Bible while teaching them about God and his character, mankind and our character, and how the two interact.

I admit that I wasn’t very excited about this workshop to begin with—because I don’t really enjoy public speaking. But I found that telling Bible stories is fun! And that it is a great way to connect with people! I’m excited to begin to craft more stories that I can share with people in different situations.

In order to be able to cover more ground, the mentors learned a different set of stories than the participants. Ours were stories to gather principles of healthy church growth from Acts. Below are some pictures from a few of the mentors telling our stories to the participants…

*Me* Acts 3 Crippled beggar healed, jumping and praising God!

“Isn’t that the crippled guy who normally begs at the gate??”

“It is in Jesus’ name that this man was healed”

*Joanna* Acts 4 Peter and John instructed not to teach

*Marisa* Acts 9 A light from heaven blinds Saul

*Stephen* Acts 12 Peter in Jail

*Tuula* Acts 13 The sorcerer was blinded

*Karla* Acts 15 An argument that could’ve split the church

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P. Vince said...

I think you and i have attended similar workshop. And yes, storytelling is really a great way to evangelize and teach people.

You may want to check my site: and see there how it also blessed us.

I also posted there the links and the people who are really deeply involved in Bible Story Telling. Look for Dorothy Miller and their site, and Bryan Thompson and his site. I posted the link there. It might help you in contact with them and learn more about story telling. :)

God bless to you using this wonderful ministry.